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Reva Chem Fab has been engaged in providing design and manufacturing top quality equipments in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, dairy, and fertilizer industries. 

Our wide range of capabilities means we can provide you quality service with responsibility from concept and design through manufacturing and modifications. Our highly motivated team of qualified engineers offers efficient solutions. 

We offer quick turn around on quotes and designs because we value time in business. Our quotes include all the information you need such as: Equipments' dimensions, material finish, fittings, cost effectiveness with design related information, and delivery schedule after drawings approval. 

Reva Chem Fab is managed by the persons who have been in the business of fabricating over 35 years. Our company has fabrication site of more than 20,000 sq. ft. with 8,000 sq. ft. of it dedicated to workshop facilities. 

By assigning all aspects of your equipments' needs, you are rest assured for quality under one roof as Reva Chem Fab believes "Perfection is our goal".


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